New York City - 7/31/16

"BEST PICTURE" Award Winner "Last Writes"

Last Writes: Directed by Peewee Piemonte. Written by Sarah Carbiener. Starring Raymond Forchion, Lance Henriksen, Julie Michaels and Timothy Walker. (United States) When a woman, tired of her unsupported family, decided to find out about her banished Uncle after he dies, she falls upon a plethora “love letters” written to him during WWII. She sets out to find the author of the letter who only goes by “B”;. Who she finds as her uncles love, is quite different that she had imagined, but the love she experiences is the kind she could only hope for in her own life


           Best Director                           Best Leading Male                Best Supporting Female

"BEST MUSIC" Award Winner "HELLO"

Adele: Hello: Directed by Xavier Dolan. Starring Adele and Tristan Mack Wilds. ( United Kingdom) Adele returns to the scene with a new song and a brand new music video Adele shows betrayal, regret and sorrow.

Sabrina Percario won for Best Leading Actress at United International Film Festival in July 31, 2016

Julia: Directed by Daniele Joi. Written by Sabrina Percario and Nil Simsek. Starring Sabrina Percario and Bella Silverstein. (USA) After the death of her mom caused by a sudden heart attack, a grieving daughter struggles to decide if she should pack her stuff and move to Los Angeles, until she receives the encouragement from someone she wasn’t expecting at all.

"BEST DRAMA FILM" Award Winner "Reversed Destiny"

Reversed Destiny: Directed and written by Hideki Kiyota. Starring William Jousset, Samarah Conley, and Gregory Cole. (USA) An African-American boy and an old Caucasian man meet by chance, and the boy feels a strong relationship with him from a past life.

July 31, 2016

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